Beautiful, Historic Milk Paint

26 Aug

What is milk paint? Milk paint is a natural, water based paint made incorporating milk and pigments. It offers a huge range of uses. You can use it to paint or antique furniture, paint or stencil walls, or to achieve a variety of painting effects like splattering or stippling.

Our milk paint colours dry to a beautiful matte finish that does not hide the texture of wood. Multiple coats will build a longer lasting and more opaque film. By adding water, a transparent stain effect can be attained.

buttermilkpaintsJust look at these beautiful colors!

Milk paints have been used since long before paints were mass produced, and people recognize their look as historic because they have seen them on walls and furniture in historic homes.

Here are a few beautiful examples from a site I found “Brushstrokes By Maryanne” 

Another artist has created some beautiful work using milk paint–Heide Drewes. Heide is a professional arts and crafts painter from Northwest Ohio. Her talent was recognized by her teachers in third grade, and she has continued drawing and painting for pleasure (and profession) ever since.   When we heard she had used all 24 of the Old Village Buttermilk paints on this cabinet we wanted to share it with you.
The cabinet is five feet by two feet piece and was commissioned by a doctor and his wife who love period furniture.  Some of the detail work is based on real flower species, and others are from Heide’s imagination.

I asked Heidi why she chose Old Village Paint for this project:

“First of all, it’s very convenient that they sell the colors in the two ounce bottles.  I can try out what I like, and get good value for my money.

Second, the richness of the colors is amazing.  It’s the high pigmentation they use.  For this cabinet I did two coats of the pumpkin color, but the rest is just one coat!

The quick drying time is another huge factor for me. And finally, the easy clean up.  It’s a soap and water clean-up!”

Heide painted this floral design in keeping with the historic tradition of the Pennsylvanian German artists. The striped pattern you see bordering the cabinet doors is a graining effect she created using  Old Village Paints #1232 Graining Liquid.
Now that you know about milk paint, and some of its uses, maybe a project idea is taking shape in your mind. Let us know what you’re thinking, we love knowing how our customers are using our paints!


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