Goopy Paint Is Here and Getting Rave Reviews

12 Aug

We love that you love our new Goopy Paint! We’ve been selling it, and teaching classes with it, and you guys are telling us that you are loving it!

Here are two things you can do with Goopy Paint.

1) Make any item look antique! Goopy Paint comes in three colors: Black, British Red, and Picture Frame Cream.

Goopy British Red base coat, Antique Yellow On Top.

Goopy British Red base coat, Antique Yellow On Top.

First, you add one, or all three of those colors to the item you are antiquing. Goopy Paint is thick enough that the colors won’t run together, so you can add one, both, or all three in one step. Second, you let the Goopy Paint dry. Then, you add a top coat of Old Village Paint, covering the entire piece, including the spots you painted with Goopy Paint. Finally, when you sand the piece, the spots where Goopy Paint was standing up, and you’ll see that color underneath. Suddenly, it looks like you have an antique piece that had many different paint colors used on it over time, (as many as four different colors) and you only painted two layers!

2) Create a raised stencil. goopypaintstencilGrab a stencil and some Goopy Paint. Use an icing spatula to spread it over the stencil. When you peel the stencil off, you are left with a slightly irregular, raised effect. It’s beautiful! Use it on walls, floors, furniture, mantels, doors, endless possibilities!

Try Goopy on your next project. You’ll be hooked!












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