How To Pick The Perfect Living Room Paint Color

29 Jul

We asked, “What is your biggest painting challenge? and our Old Village Paint Community responded “picking the color”!

So we’re starting a new series on “Picking the Perfect Color” this week. We’ll learn about picking a beautiful, functional, perfect color for your living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. This week: The Living Room!

First: Take a deep breath! We’re looking for a color that is perfect for you, your space and the people who share your home. There are lots of “right” answers to your perfect paint question- so let’s narrow it down.

To help figure out what you like- do some browsing. Check Magazines, Pinterest boards and decorating books. Here’s a Pinterest Board “Primitive and Colonial Inspiration” that I love.


This beautiful book by Tim Tanner “Early American Country Interiors” has page after page of images and ideas.


And, because I’m a huge nerd, here’s a great article on American Colonial Decorating.

Once you’ve gathered some images you like, and that you think would work in your home, check to see what they have in common. Are the walls a light shade, or dark? Is there a color that shows up in many of the images, creams, greens or blues? Or, you could look at the images and see what period of decorating you are drawn towards. Primitive? Early colonial with cream walls and wide plank floors? Later colonial, with deep, earthy colors?

Consider your current furnishings. Painting your room a beautiful creamy chestnut will not transform all of your furniture into the early colonial pieces you see in the photos. Unless you are buying new furniture, consider what you already have in the room and choose a color that will complement not unsettle.


Now it’s time to sample. Yes, you need to get a bit of paint and try it out on your wall. Paint a patch and see what it looks like in the early morning, full sun, and after the sun has gone down. You are going to be living with this color for at least a few years. Make sure that you like it before you put it all over your walls! (We sell sample bottles of Old Village Paint, so choose a few and have them shipped to your doorstep.)

Once you’ve seen the samples on the wall, you can choose the one you love best and move forward with confidence.

Are you trying to choose a color for your living room? Send us a photo of the room and some of your ideas! We’d love to give you some options!


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