How To Paint a Smooth Finish Without Brush Marks

22 Jul
brushstrokefreefinish copy1. Thin with Distilled Water.
Distilled Water can be added to Old Village Paint. It will help your paint stay wet longer, which will give it more time to level and eliminate brush strokes.(When paint dries too fast, as it will on hot days, it’s harder to keep the brush strokes from showing.)
*Never add Floetrol or any other additive to Old Village Paint without checking with the company first. Floetrol is fine for modern day paints but not for Old Village Paint- it will cause problems.
2. Always use a High Quality Brush.
Unfortunately, low quality brushes show paint strokes. High quality brushes don’t. And be sure to use the right brush for the job. With Old Village Vintage & Buttermilk Acrylic Water Based Paint use a nylon or polyester brush. With our Oil Based Paints use a natural bristle 5
3. Long Bristle Brushes are Best.
Longer bristles hold more paint and spread it better. Shorter bristles show paint strokes. It’s as simple as that!
4. Work in Sections.
Working in sections will help you finish areas while the paint is still wet.
Painters call it keeping a ‘wet edge’. You want to work from the ‘wet edge’ and move forward. Never go back and touch up on half dry paint. Wait until the paint is dry and then touch up.
5. Use a Roller.
On large areas it may be better to use a roller. Be sure to go in the same direction for the entire surface.
6. Sand.
If you do end up with some brush strokes, let it dry and then sand it smooth and try again. That’s the beauty of paint. It is always fixable!7. Have Fun!!! 
Need I explain?

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