New Product: Introducing Goopy Paint! What Can YOU Do With It?

24 Jun

“While playing around in my paint room I thought, ‘If this were goopy enough I sure could do alot of fun stuff with this!’ So, I called the chemist and we developed Goopy Paint!”


The main use I see for this paint is giving furniture a primitive distressed look.

Like this:


We hope to begin selling Goopy Paint the first part of August.

Here’s what you would need to do to get the primitive look using this new paint.

1. Start with a clean, dry surface. For interior surfaces you won’t need a primer. If you’re concerned about the surface, use our “Over and Under’ Primer.

2. Paint your Goopy Paint on the surface and let it be goopy. Don’t try to smooth it out. Let it dry.

3. Paint any Old Village Buttermilk or Vintage Paint colour you choose on top and let it dry.

4. Sand gently to reveal the high point of the goopy paint. This will reveal the color of the goopy paint at the high points only.

5. Wax (If desired) with Schrack’s Cream Wax, dark brown or clear. (A wax would provide a patina affect, making it look like a varnish that had turned brown over time. ) Or Antique with Old Village Brown or Black Antiquing Liquid. (This would provide a darker color in the cracks and crevices of the furniture. Another type of “aged” look.)

We can’t wait to get Goopy Paint into our customers’ hands! What would you like to do with Goopy Paint- we’d love to know!

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