Need a Creative Birthday, Engagment or Wedding Gift?

27 May

I love giving original, practical gifts that recipients brag about for years. And- I’m reallllllllly good at it. Everyone has their little talents, and gift giving is one of mine.  So today, I’m sharing an idea with you.

If you need a gift for a young woman, between the ages of 13 and 30, what if you gave them a beautiful hope chest?

No, that’s too old fashioned. Our society doesn’t work like that anymore… Well, yes and no, but hear me out.

A hope chest was once what young women used to store clothing, table clothes, towels, quilts, napkins, lingerie, and other personal and household goods she bought or made in anticipation of married life. The chest was handmade (until manufacturing), often lined with cedar, and stained, painted or carved for decoration.


Today we have access to much more “stuff” and even young brides might have a moving truck full of items to move into their new joint home. But, wouldn’t it be special to have a hope chest to collect special items in? Or, if you give it as a wedding gift,  you could include a note saying “Congratulations on your wedding! We send this hope chest to you, full of our good wishes and hopes for a wonderful life together!” If you’re hosting a shower you might have guests write notes of their “hopes” and put them into the chest for the bride to read during the shower, or afterwards alone.

The style of the chest would be dependent on the decorating style of the recipient. There is a wide range of what it could look like!




You can find a chest at an unfinished furniture store, or you could look in antique shops for one to restore. Of course, we have lots of color options to help you select just the right color or finish for the gift you have in mind.


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