Crib Safe and Exterior House Strong

20 May

At Old Village we like to say that our paint is “safe enough for your baby’s crib and strong enough to paint the exterior of your house.” It’s true!

So, whether you are planning a project for someone very small,







Or getting ready to make a large change, Old Village Paint is ready to serve you.










“Thank you Old Village Paint for your wonderful product. Not only do we sell and also use your paint in our furniture and retail store business, The Country Cupboard, but a couple of years ago when we bought our dream home we knew exactly what paint to use on the house. The home is approximately 125 years old and still has the wonderful clapboard siding. We were also lucky enough to find the original shutters to the home in the old garage. When it came time to paint the house there was never any doubt which paint to use. The house is painted New England Red and for the trim we used Colonial White. After some repair work to the original shutters and only one coat of Black Satin our new-old home came to life again. Thank you again for a GREAT product!” Sincerely, Kathy and Chuck Moore




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