Plan A Trip to a Historic Site this Summer!

13 May

I love US History! My favorite topics include the Revolutionary War and the Suffragette movement.


If I could go wherever I wanted this summer, I’d be planning trips to Williamsburg the “Disney World of the Revolutionary War” and Washington, DC where they have Women’s Suffragette Tours! Here’s a link to one of them in case you share my “girl-power” passion:

I think the key to visiting historic sites is personal interest and planning. What do you find fascinating?


Social movements?

Inventions that changed the US?

Find a historic site that corresponds! And, make your trip even more enjoyable by doing some research before you arrive. No- this isn’t grade school, don’t choose a book you know you’ll hate. How do you like to take in information? Visually? Read a non-fiction book, or some historic fiction based around the place or events you’re going to tour. Or watch a well-done documentary. If you’re an auditory learner, rent or buy a book on tape to listen to in the car. Howeveryou learn best, knowing more will make the trip itself so much more meaningful.

Here are a few lists to get to started on planning! Share ideas and photos of your trips with us!

The site has a list of historic sites to visit organized by state.

This is a national geographic list of 20 Free Historic Sites in the US.


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