It’s Flea Market Season

22 Apr


I love a good flea market. The sense of anticipation, the haggling, the exhilaration of driving away with a treasure.

I read an article by an interior designer many years ago (I wish I remembered who!) that gave this tip on deciding what to put in your home.

“Only put things in your rooms that you absolutely love.”

This took a lot of pressure off of me. I used to think I needed to choose things that “went together” or stayed within a certain decade or style set. But this quote released me! I’ve gotten rid of lots of stuff that was just “there” and replaced it with things that inspire, encourage and delight me.

And I find lots of these things at thrift stores, yard sales and flea markets.

If you’re ready to go hunting check out:


When: Mid-April thru Mid-November every Saturday

Where: Brooklyn (Three different locations)

More info:


When: One weekend per month (except Feb. and July)

Where: Springfield, Ohio

More info:


When: Mid-May, July, and September. 6 days long each.

Where & when: Brimfield, Mass.

More info:

127 CORRIDOR SALE : World’s Longest Yard Sale! 654 miles!

When: 1st weekend in August
Where: From West Unity, Ohio, to Gadsden, Ala.
More info:

Tell us about the flea markets in YOUR area. Where do you find your best stuff?


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