Stenciled Floor?

25 Mar

Floor stenciling? If you’re a history buff, or primitive decorating expert, you probably already know about floor stenciling. Let’s take a five sentence look at the origins of this in North America, and then see how you might use it in your home.

Early American settlers added beauty (without much expense) to their homes by stenciling patterns on their floors.  This started in the 1780’s and lasted into the nineteenth century.  Some of the patterns were painted to resembled rugs or floor cloths, others were geometric, birds, plants or American symbols.  The stenciling work was mostly done by itinerant artists, the most famous of whom is Moses Eaton and his son, Moses Eaton, Jr.

If you’d like to add a colonial or primitive touch to your home, floor stenciling is a fun way to do it!

There are many different stencil companies that sell stencils reminiscent of this period.

This floor cloth pattern is from


This floral pattern pictured below was originally in a tavern in Sudbary, Massachusetts circa 1790.  You can find it, and other colonial and primitive patterns at






There is a wide variety of beautiful Moses Eaton floor stencil patterns on


There are so many ways to make your home your own- I’ll leave you with this photo of a colonial style room with a painted rug in front of the fireplace.


Have you tried floor stenciling? We’d love to see a photo and hear about your process!

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