Bathroom Redo: From Coastal to Primitive

18 Mar

Meet Natalie.  She’s agreed to let me follow her bathroom redo.  (Her husband Rob is pictured with her as well.)  They constructed a new home in 1998 in North Carolina. Her home is decorated in neutral colors, with primitive decorating touches, all except for the upstairs guest bathroom.  The bathroom was decorated with seashell wallpaper and coral accents, and Natalie wants to redo the room to flow more naturally with the rest of her decorating style.

She’s painstakingly removed the wallpaper, and now her walls are white and ready for paint. She doesn’t have it in the budget to replace the blue countertop, so she’s looking for paint colors that will work with the countertops too.



Bathroom before pic.

Bathroom before pic.

So, she’s decided to paint her cabinets a deep brown (Philadelphia Brownstone) to contrast with the blue, and the walls a neutral, antique white (Steeple White.) I’ve included color cards for you to see, both colors she’s going to use are at the top right of the card. How nice!

I can’t wait to see this bathroom transformed with some paint.  I’ll post update photos as soon as I can. Is anyone else planning a room redo in their home now that Spring is almost here? Show us your before pictures and tell us what you’re planning to do!

Steeple White

Steeple White

Philadelphia Brownstone

Philadelphia Brownstone


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