Kitchen Makeover: From Contemporary to Classic Character

21 Jan

Hi! I’m Jenny- and this week I’m sharing my kitchen redo with ya’ll. (Yes- I’m from the South.)

My husband and I built a home in the mountains of Western North Carolina about two years ago and absolutely love it.  Check out our view- who wouldn’t!


Like many do-it-yourselfers we had to make lots of budget decisions, and one place we chose to save was on our kitchen.  We used stock everything from Lowes. Stock cabinets, linoleum countertops, and a cheap aluminum sink.  We did invest in beautiful wormy maple floors which we installed ourselves throughout the entire downstairs of our house.  But- we figured we’d slowly upgrade the kitchen as we could.

I’ve lived with the cabinets for two years, and they bug me.  The wood on the cabinets clashes with the wood flooring.


And- our budget wouldn’t allow for new cabinets. So we decided to paint.  My style is cottage-vintage-simple, and I wanted to add some color since my entire living room/dining room/kitchen are one open space painted a creamy vanilla.


Here’s a list of what we did.

1. Wiped the cabinets with Murphy’s Oil Soap to get them clean.Image

2. Removed the doors and put them onto newspaper.

3. Used Colonial White, All Cracked Up, and Rittenhouse Green to create a crackle/antique effect. I wanted to give the doors a bit of a vintage/historic look so I decided to try a crackle treatment on them.  And I wanted white to show through the crackle- so I painted the outside boarder of the cabinet doors white. Then I used All Cracked Up (a paint treatment designed to make paint crack) to paint another layer on top. Thirty minutes later I painted the green color on top.

4. I painted the interior of the cabinet doors and all the rest of the cabinets green. Image

5. Since I have two small children and lots of food gets flung and smeared- I used an indoor sealant to add a final coat to everything.

Here’s my “after” photo. I love the look- and I’ve gotten LOTS of compliments- everyone loves the new color, and I think it adds lots of character. Feel free to ask questions!Image

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