Vintage Phone Gets Repurposed

14 Jan

Three and a half years ago Scott Freeland starting using an iPhone.  But, it wasn’t a seamless transition.

“The phone was too small. I kept hitting buttons with my face while I was talking on it.” Scott explained. “For Christmas my wife bought me a handset that I could plug into the phone, but it felt incomplete.”

Scott, an artist and sculptor, decided to create something more substantial.  Drawing from memories of the home phone he grew up with, he sculpted a mold in his workshop and created the iRetrofone out of resin.


How cool is this?

An iPhone fits right into the front, the substantial base supporting the phone, and allowing you to use the handset to talk and listen. Scott even found an app that has an old rotary-style dialing face for the iPhone which he uses to make calls when the iPhone is sitting in its base.  “I call it the home phone of the future.” Scott says.

When Scott’s friends saw his new creation at his studio in Black Mountain, NC they fell in love.  Scott made about a dozen to give his friends as gifts, and then his wife listed the phone for sale on a popular handmade market online- etsy.  They had hundreds of orders in just the first week, from all over the world.

Scott has a map in his workroom with a pin for every order- now there are over 1,000.

I asked Scott what memories he had associated with this style of phone.

“I remember as a kid talking on it- stretching the cord as far as it would go to get around the room, and the fact that there was just one phone in the house. You had to wait to talk on it, it was more unique, more of a novelty.”

I love it when people like Scott use their creativity to combine the functionality and beauty of vintage items with modern technology. Do you have anything in your home that is an old fashioned, antique or vintage piece serving a new purpose?


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