A Christmas Surprise

24 Dec


Helen is an amateur painter and native of Western North Carolina.  In 2010 she told her new husband, James, that she wanted to “be the type of girl who painted” and that year he surprised her at Christmas with a gift of painting supplies.

“I was too nervous to use them for an entire year.  I was worried that I would mess up the canvas!” Once she dove in, she discovered she really did enjoy painting and began creating landscapes based on photographs taken by James.

For Christmases and birthdays Helen has given James a variety of paintings of their hometown — all based on his photographs.  This year, she’s surprising him with a sunset painting inspired by a photo he took of their college-town.


She used Old Village Paints on wood to create the painting.  “I really liked these paints. They had great tone and texture, and covered really well.  I was surprised at how quickly they covered up the brown of the wood. You could still see the grain- which I loved, but not the color. And I didn’t even use a primer!”


When her husband James saw the paints (but not the painting!), and the “outdoor/indoor use” description, he decided to try his hand at painting a sign for their outdoor area.  He recreated a sign seen frequently on local parkways.

Processed with VSCOcam

Come Christmas morning James will be unwrapping a hand-painted Christmas surprise.  We hope all of our Old Village Paint family enjoys this special time of year, and unwraps at least one pleasant surprise!

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