Woodford Mansion Uses Old Village Paint

10 Dec

In 1756 a successful Philadelphian merchant named William Coleman built a summer home along the Schuylkill River.  It was a red brick, one and a half story, Georgian style home that he planned to use as a place of retreat and relaxation. Coleman was a patriot who eventually served as a justice of the Pennslyvania Supreme Court.  He was also a close friend of Benjamin Franklin.

The next owner was George Clymer, a nephew of William Coleman.  Mr. Clymer was also a patriot and signer of the Declaration of Independence! Over the years other owners took possession of the home, and eventually it was sold to the city of Philadelphia.  Today it is a National Historic Landmark in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia.


The home has been carefully restored with historically accurate fabrics, floors and paint. We are proud to announce that Old Village Paint has been used at Woodford Mansion!  Here’s what Martha Moffatt, Woodford Mansion site manager had to say about our paint.


“We have used simulated Old Village Simulated Whitewash throughout Woodford . . . We love your paint and remain a loyal customer.” www.woodfordmansion.org

Woodford is unique not only because of it’s beauty and previous owners, but also because it houses a large collection of colonial furniture and dishware collected by Naomi Wood.  If you have a chance, go visit this small piece of American history.

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