How Much Can This Paint Cover?

19 Nov

I am a visual person.  Concepts displayed visually just click with me.  So I thought I’d draw you a very simple visual aid for how much our Old Village Paints cover.  One pint of our paint covers about 50 square feet, or one dresser and two chairs.  One quart can cover a bed, a dresser and four chairs.  And one gallon is enough to paint the average sized kitchen. 


Usually you only need one coat of Old Village Paint, even with dark colors.  (That’s because of our amazing natural pigments.)  So what will take you two or three coats of a cheaper paint, will take you only one with us.  Try it out- we’re sure that you’ll immediately notice a difference using our historic, high quality paint!  Happy painting everyone! If you’ve used our paint, let us know what size you bought, and how much it covered in the comments section.


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