The British Are Coming! Well, British Red Paint At Least.

22 Oct

The Louisa County Historical Society is restoring a 16 x 14 early American home. Historians, carpenters, and masons are working together to carefully restore the structure to its original state.  This dedicated crew chose Old Village Paint whitewash and British Red to use in the exterior of its restoration project.  We are honored!

Once finished, the home will be part of a museum and a living history site.  I spoke with Elaine Taylor, the Director of the Sargeant Museum, on the phone.

Why did you decide to use Old Village Paints?  “I first saw OVP in a journal on a home owned by Susan Titus, a historian from New England.  We traveled to her home last year to learn about hearth cooking for the living history portion of our museum, and I was really struck by the paint she had inside.  It was this same color, British red.  We also had another historian who had used Old Village Paint whitewash, and he had been very pleased.  So we had two good recommendations.”
Have you personally used either paint?  “I haven’t used the whitewash.  But it looks so authentic, just the right amount of grit.  We’ve used that on the ceilingsand we’ll put it on the plaster when it’s finished.  Overprimer, it took just one coat, it covered beautifully.  But I did use the British Red myself.  It covered so smoothly, I was surprised at how little it took.  The depth of the color is fantastic, the richness comes through perfectly in interior light.  The deep red of the color is rich, but with enough brightness that it isn’t too heavy.”

The Michie House (read more here) was dedicated earlier this month.  “We’re going to have lots of people through here, and lots of questions about the paint.  I’ll give recommendations without hesitation. I hope lots of people use this paint.  I have a few personal projects planned myself.”
We’re committed to producing excellent paint, just like we’ve been doing for five generations since 1816.  Our Vintage Colours like New England Red, Loyalist Green, Lamplighter Yellow, and Soldier Blue can be seen on many restored homes in the United States and Europe.  We wish the Richie House restoration crew the best of luck as they work towards opening soon!

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