Interior Painting Tips For Beginners

15 Oct

Spencer Kilgore has been painting homes and businesses in Western North Carolina for 27 years.  Here’s some of his favorite products and tips.

  1.  Purdy Brushes and Rollers.  Spencer says these brushes are good quality and will last two to three years if you clean them well. If you’re using a roller just buy one paint tray. Then grab a garbage bag and place the tray inside.  Tie the bag closed.  Pour the paint in, use it, and when you’re finished, take the bag off and throw it away.  Brilliant!
  2. Tape.  Now I expected a long explanation on which different types of paint to use when- but Spencer just doesn’t use tape that often.  “Only when I need to get into a tiny space, like 1/2 inch or less, then I just use plain blue painters tape.” There is one exception.  When you do two-tone colors on a plain wall, and want a nice even line between them, pay up for the more expensive brand, like Frog Tape.
  3. Cup/can for your paint.  “Put one or two cups of paint into something small and disposable you can carry around. If you have a used paint can of the same color, use that to carry your paint around in.”
  4. Drop cloth.  Spencer has a 12×12 drop cloth he’s been using for many years. He moves around as his work area changes.  If you have wood floors you could consider buying the brown paper you roll out and tape down.  (This doesn’t work well for carpet.)
  5. Wire brush. For cleaning your brush.  Use this to brush the paint out of the brush from the top to the bottom of the bristles.  Easier clean up, longer-lasting brush!

One big no-no that Spencer wanted me to pass on is using a paint sprayer.  “I only EVER use those in a brand new house with no furniture, no installed floors, no nothing!  If you’re going to use it, you have to cover everything in the entire house up.  You may not be able to see it while it is happening, but tiny bits of paint are falling onto your books, pictures, furniture, everything while you are using those.

Clean up.  Most paints are latex based, so you can do a soap and water clean up. (Use your wire brush!) Use paint thinner only on oil based paints.  You can store brushes without cleaning them for one to two days in a plastic bag.

Happy painting! And thanks to Spencer for sharing with us.  (If you need help on a painting project, contact him at 828 424 3347).


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