Enduring Beauty: Primitive Painted Floors Last 23 Years

30 Sep

Twenty three years ago an artist accepted a commission to paint seven wood floors in a large home in Ohio.

I remember the homeowner showing me around the house, pointing out the areas she wanted me to paint. She already had the colors picked out- in fact, the cans of paint were sitting there, ready. All of the paint, oils and graining liquid she had set aside were the Old Village brand. She didn’t have exact designs in mind, but I noticed that she had many pieces of primitive art in her home. So I suggested we follow the theme.

She loved that ideaand I began painting. I used oils, buttermilk paint andgraining liquid to create a stars and moon pattern, checkerboard patterns, and unique, combed boarders. She loved it. She was 53 years old then, and now she’s 76, and she still loves her floors. And she assures me they are still perfect.



They have stood the test of time, and I think she was rewarded for being so adventurous with her choices. I’m so glad I was introduced to Old Village Paints; I’ve been using them ever since!” Heide Drewes

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