Create A Prim Christmas Card Display

16 Dec

I love Christmas cards. Especially the vintage cards. They are so beautiful!

Credit: roadside pictures from

Credit: roadside pictures from

You can create a beautiful prim Christmas card display for your home this Christmas. How?

1. Use clothespins!  String some twine across a wall, mirror or pallet, and hang your favorite cards.

Beth on

Beth on

2. Use a trencher or bowl to gather and display your card collection.

3. Clothespins and a simple wooden or wire circle can be used to create a Christmas card wreath!

Clothespins can be painted in red and green or white with a bit of sparkle added to make your display even more “Christmassy”.

Using simple, wooden clothespins and twine or other primitive household items will help you create a prim display that you can enjoy for the entire season!

We’d love to see how you have your cards arranged in your home this year.  Send us a photo and we’ll add it to this post!  Merry Christmas!

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Homemade Painted Christmas Decorations

9 Dec

The Christmas season is here! I love the way that each household has a slightly different way of celebrating the holidays.  From baking to caroling to watching Christmas movies, everyone has their own special way of enjoying the season.  Is crafting one of your favorite ways to celebrate?  If so, here are a few ways you can bliss out in the next two weeks.

salt-dough-ornaments21. Bake and paint your own salt dough ornaments.  Thanks to 2shopper for sharing these photos with us, click over to their blog for the recipe for making these!

2. Found objects: Find some antique spoons at a local antique store, or even some plain glass ornaments and add your own winter scenes.










3. Unpainted figurines.  Visit your local craft store to find a figurine that matches your home decor, and enjoy painting it with the combination of colors that you love!

Photo Credit: Eusebius@Commons on Flickr.

Photo Credit: Eusebius@Commons on Flickr.

4. Think practically.  Would a crate by the fireplace for wood help add a touch of beauty to your living room? What area of your home could use a bit of organization? Identify how you could be crafty and add a practical touch to your home or as a gift to someone you love. (We found this crate at


We’d love to put some paints in the mail to you today, or you can look for your local Old Village Paint store with the link below.  Merry Christmas! Grab your supplies and get crafty.

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19 Ideas for Repurposing Furniture for Business or Pleasure

2 Dec

Repurposed furniture is a popular design choice in homes around our big, beautiful country.  Simply put, repurposed furniture is a piece that is taken from its first, intended use and reused in a different way.  For example, a dresser that is slightly altered and then used as an entertainment center.

Photo Credit: reclaimed home on

Photo Credit: reclaimed home on

If you’ve been looking for a creative outlet, or a way to generate some additional income, finding and repurposing furniture is something to consider.  While you’re browsing yard sales, estate sales and storage lot auctions here are a few ways common items that can be given new life:

Doors/screen doors can become a coffee table top, a coat tree if given hooks, a photo display area by adding wire and small clips, a headboard, or a privacy screen.

Photo by David Costa

Photo by David Costa

Old wooden boxes, crates or baskets can become book-storage, side tables, a home recycling center, a charging station for electronics, toy or dirty laundry storage.

A Dresser can become an entertainment center, dish cabinent, bathroom vanity, a bar or wine rack.

Wooden chairs can become an outdoor planter or pet food tables when a hole is cut out of the seat to hold a container.

Pallets have many uses, from hanging planters, to daybed platforms.

Photo by eren on

Photo by eren on

The key to this business is to find low priced items with great potential, and then spend the time and elbow grease necessary to create a new, and desirable (read sell-able) piece.  Experiment, try a variety of items and see which is most popular.

If you’re not interested in starting a new business, no worries!  Maybe you’ve got a space in your home that needs “just the right” piece or a friend of partner you want to surprise this Christmas with an amazing gift.  Repurposing found items can be great fun.  Enjoy the hunt, the process of cleaning, painting and revamping, and then, the satisfaction of your finished product.

We’d love to see photos of furniture you’ve repurposed and used at home or sold to customers!


Do You Want to Start a Cabinet Painting Business?

25 Nov

Jennifer Alwood is running a very successful cabinet painting business.

She shared this BIZ TIP:

“I NEVER give a bid/price for my work in person. Human nature is to UNDERbid when a client is standing right there looking at you for a price…. ESPECIALLY if it is someone you already know. Give a range of cost if you have to, but go home, figure out what’s an accurate estimate and email it (you need a paper trail, no texting prices!!!). This is just one tiny morsel of wisdom from my “Cabinet Painting for an Income” webinar. Trust me, I’ve made mistakes, I want to help YOU to do it right.”

The live webinar ran on Nov. 4th, but you can still purchase the recorded session here for under $50:


We’re not getting any kickbacks on this webinar- we just want to help people move toward their dream of owning their own business!  If you’re thinking about doing something new in 2015- this might be a great first step.  Please let us know if you sign up for this webinar, and what you think about it!  We’d love to see our Old Village Paint customers thriving in a new business…

Happy Thanksgiving friends!

Grow Your Painted Furniture Biz #5. Facebook Profile VS. Facebook Page

18 Nov
 A well-run Facebook Business Page can do amazing things for your business!  It can help people find you, help you showcase your beautiful painted furniture, allow your fans to interact with and brag about you…
And, setting one up is FREE.
What we wanted to cover today is the difference between a profile or personal Facebook account, and a page used for a business.
For a business you’re going to need a Facebook Page.  If you’re thinking “no I don’t, I just use my personal page for myself and my business.” You need to reconsider.  It’s against Facebook policy for people to use their personal profile to try to promote their business.  If they find out, they can, and will shut your profile page down.  And then it is very hard to get things up and moving again.
So, what can you do with a business page? Well, it has lots of great functions that were specifically created for business owners.
  • You can be “liked” (not “friended”) by your fans and then your updates will show up in their news feed.
  • You will have access to “insights”, that is, your page will keep track of visits and what people click on etc.  Your personal profile does not have this option.
  • You can run adds off your business page that will get your content out to a larger group of people (yes, this does cost money).
So, what should you do now? Well, if you really intend to market using Facebook you should decide to start a Business Facebook Page.  Do a little research.  And decide how much time each week you think you could invest in updating your Page.  This isn’t going to work if you set it up and just check back in every few months. You are joining a community of people that want to interact, not just a faceless group of buyers.
There are lots and lots of “how-to” articles online about Facebook marketing, as well good old fashioned books and even classes.  Don’t be overwhelmed! Decide to take small steps, and enjoy moving forward in your business!  If you have questions, let us know, we’d be happy to share what we’ve learned.
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Perfectly Clean Brush Tips

11 Nov

It’s so frustrating to get ready to dip into a beautiful can of paint, only to realize that your brush is stiff and unusable.  Here’s how to eliminate that problem!

photo 5

Perfectly Clean Brush Tips

1. Use a soaking container.  Your container should hold different liquid depending on what type of paint you are cleaning out of your brush.  If you’re painting with latex, it can be lovely, simple, warm water.  If you’re using an oil based paint, you’ll need a solvent, like paint thinner.  Let your brush soak in one of these containers for 30 minutes to overnight depending on your schedule.  You should also use a wire or rod to hang your brush on so that the brush bristles don’t touch the bottom of the container and bend permanently.  You could use anything from a coat hanger to rebar, just as long as it will fit through the hole in your paintbrush.

2. Rinse, rinse, rinse.  Swish your brush around in your soaking container.  Now that your brush has soaked a good bit of the paint out, you can rinse it under a hose or in your sink.  Rinse until the water is clear.

3. Use a wire brush.  Now that your brush is mostly clean use a wire brush to finish the job.  Brush in a  downward motion starting at the top of the bristles, down to the the tips.  This removes any stuck or dried paint. Now you have a beautiful, clean brush. In a pinch you can use a fine tooth hair comb if you don’t have a wire brush.

4. Dry well.  You can hang or lay your brush out to dry.

Now, you’re ready for your next project with a squeaky clean brush.

Inside Nitty Gritty Tips From A Successful Owner: Grow Your Painted Furniture Biz #4

4 Nov

Denise from Salvaged Inspirations wrote the post “How To Price Your Painted Furniture” that was super duper popular a few weeks ago. We gave her a call and decided to pick her brain for you—to help you be more successful in your current business. (Or your dream business that you are considering starting!)

What types of furniture are most popular with your customers? Dressers, hutches, dining tables, desks, head and footboards. I think you can have success selling any of these, people use these. Two toned furniture- a stained top with a painted bottom, I find that’s very, very popular. Rather than painting it one color, or staining it, mix the two. Shabby chic, distressed, and French provincial are very popular styles. If you’re painting or reselling a type of furniture that really inspires you I think you’ll find your market, and your buyers.

Which types of furniture are most profitable? Larger pieces- with a little more detail or customization are most profitable. And, it takes me the same steps to paint a night table as it does to paint a dining room table, and the large piece is more profitable. If I customize furniture by adding trim, unique hardware, or change out glass for chicken wire or a mirror- do something to make it stand out from the norm, those pieces are most profitable and sell quickly. Do keep in mind your initial expense for piece. I’m always on the lookout for a piece at a great price. A dollar saved is a dollar earned. It takes SELF CONTROL. Sometimes its very, very hard, but ask yourself, are you going to make money off of it?


Where do you find the furniture you re-do? Many times a client will bring me a piece- from a family member like an in-law and it will have sentimental value for them, but not match their décor. I’ll restyle it so they can use that in their home. I also find pieces at yardsales, thrift stores, flea markets, the Restore run by Habitat for Humanity… I love buying at the Restore- all proceeds go back into the community. I love reusing for the environment. Many of my favorite pieces have been curb-shopped. We have times in our community when residents have permission to put large pieces on the curb and the city comes by and picks them up. I look for sturdy, well built pieces and I stop and load it into the back of my van. Those are my favorite pieces. The transformation is amazing, and I’m a big believer in reusing– I love it! I love giving something life that might have ended up in the landfill.

How do you decide what paint color to use? I get color inspiration by looking a the piece and envision what it will be. I try to let the furniture dictate what color it wants to be. The size, the shape, the detailing can help me decide. I get very inspired by my surroundings. I’ve been inspired by the fall foliage lately. Everyone is inspired by color daily, it has the power to change your mood from good to bad. It can feel intimidating to choose a color, I like to keep in mind- it can always be changed. If you’re stumped- use a photo editor or free online editor- take a pic, upload it, and try on different colors and see what you like best. That’s a great tool for people who are visual. I do use that on occasion. If a piece of furniture is not speaking to me- I use an editor. (For further tips here’s her blog post on exactly how to use an editor to preview different colors.)


What do you wish you had known when you were starting out? To start and run a healthy successful business, you can’t do it all on your own. You need people to make it work. I’m the type of person who has a hard time asking for help, I try to be self sufficient and do everything on my own. Having a support team is crucial, I can’t lug a solid wood dresser up a flight of stairs by myself. In a new venture you will doubt yourself, so connect with encouraging people. Clients, customers, repair people, even competitors can be great supporters, and you should support other entrepreneurs too, the community is so important. Now, I realize accepting a helping hand is not a bad thing, its actually empowering. Sometimes it is hard to reach out and ask for help- but you can’t be an island.

Huge thanks to Denise for giving us some of her time, and being open enough to answer our questions. Happy painting to everyone!  Please write in and let us know what you want to hear about next!


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