How To Paint a Smooth Finish Without Brush Marks

22 Jul
brushstrokefreefinish copy1. Thin with Distilled Water.
Distilled Water can be added to Old Village Paint. It will help your paint stay wet longer, which will give it more time to level and eliminate brush strokes.(When paint dries too fast, as it will on hot days, it’s harder to keep the brush strokes from showing.)
*Never add Floetrol or any other additive to Old Village Paint without checking with the company first. Floetrol is fine for modern day paints but not for Old Village Paint- it will cause problems.
2. Always use a High Quality Brush.
Unfortunately, low quality brushes show paint strokes. High quality brushes don’t. And be sure to use the right brush for the job. With Old Village Vintage & Buttermilk Acrylic Water Based Paint use a nylon or polyester brush. With our Oil Based Paints use a natural bristle 5
3. Long Bristle Brushes are Best.
Longer bristles hold more paint and spread it better. Shorter bristles show paint strokes. It’s as simple as that!
4. Work in Sections.
Working in sections will help you finish areas while the paint is still wet.
Painters call it keeping a ‘wet edge’. You want to work from the ‘wet edge’ and move forward. Never go back and touch up on half dry paint. Wait until the paint is dry and then touch up.
5. Use a Roller.
On large areas it may be better to use a roller. Be sure to go in the same direction for the entire surface.
6. Sand.
If you do end up with some brush strokes, let it dry and then sand it smooth and try again. That’s the beauty of paint. It is always fixable!7. Have Fun!!! 
Need I explain?

Why You Should Visit Owego, NY.

15 Jul

I love to travel. (Although I hate airplanes!) Maps, passports, train tickets, few things make me happier than planning a trip to a new place. And now I’ve got another town to add to my list and a very fun spot to make a beeline for once I am there. Have you every been to Owego, NY?

Its Iroquois name means “where the valley widens.” A small town in a beautiful setting. We’ll peak in on one shop located in the historic district.

Katie’s Kreations.

Katie's Kreations Storefront

Katie’s Kreations Storefront









Look at these fun country decor signs, prints and wreaths.

Country Decor

Country Decor









Look around and you’ll find more items for your home, like braided rugs and candles, furniture, pottery, linens and gift items.

Braided rugs

Braided rugs












candlesThese candles are battery operated! Great for homes with small children, or a tight space where an open flame might cause problems.





OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd here is a display of Old Village Paints! They carry small sizes, and order gallons for customers on an “as needed” basis.








jewelryA jewelry section holds more options for the perfect gift.






Once visitors finish enjoying this little shop, they can stroll the river walk on the banks of the Susquehanna. If you can’t make it to Katie’s Kreations in person, check them out online at Happy shopping! What small town is on your travel bucket list?


Dining Room Painted Antique Sage Green

8 Jul





This transformation was done with the color Antique Sage Green. Isn’t it rich?



The main wall in the dining room was painted, and then the lower half of the other walls were painted green with a chair rail to separate the top and bottom. Look at the cool coffee cup holder! Those hooks are made out of antique spoons!


This is their telephone holder. Inside this antique telephone box is a modern functioning handset.


Close-up shot of the rich green paired with a crisp white. Love it!

Meet Bear Necessities

1 Jul

Bear Necessities Gift Shoppe is an amazing little store located in Auburn, Maine. Gerry and Tammy, a husband and wife team, opened the store in 1999.


They specialize in Primitive Country and Colonial Home Decor and carry primitive wood furniture, candles, primitive lighting, bears, dolls and Santas, heirloom weavers, country quilts and lots more!

jarsWatch out, if you visit their store or online shop, you’re going to loose track of time!


Look at this reproduction grater light that I found! I want to put this in my kitchen!1395529703374

Gerry and Tammy also carry our paints! “We have proudly carried Old Village Paints since 2001. We found this paint by accident, and we have been hooked ever since. We use it on all of our custom made products, throughout our 9 rooms at our Primitive Gift Shoppe and our home as well. It is by far the best paint to work with.”

We have proudly carried Old Village Paints since 2001. We found this paint by accident, and we have been hooked ever since. We use it on all of our custom made products, throughout our 9 rooms at our Primitive Gift Shoppe and our home as well. It is by far the best paint to work with. – See more at:

We love how much our customers and dealers love our paints. We hope you can visit the Bear Necessities Gift Shoppe in person or online sometime soon!



New Product: Introducing Goopy Paint! What Can YOU Do With It?

24 Jun

“While playing around in my paint room I thought, ‘If this were goopy enough I sure could do alot of fun stuff with this!’ So, I called the chemist and we developed Goopy Paint!”


The main use I see for this paint is giving furniture a primitive distressed look.

Like this:


We hope to begin selling Goopy Paint the first part of August.

Here’s what you would need to do to get the primitive look using this new paint.

1. Start with a clean, dry surface. For interior surfaces you won’t need a primer. If you’re concerned about the surface, use our “Over and Under’ Primer.

2. Paint your Goopy Paint on the surface and let it be goopy. Don’t try to smooth it out. Let it dry.

3. Paint any Old Village Buttermilk or Vintage Paint colour you choose on top and let it dry.

4. Sand gently to reveal the high point of the goopy paint. This will reveal the color of the goopy paint at the high points only.

5. Wax (If desired) with Schrack’s Cream Wax, dark brown or clear. (A wax would provide a patina affect, making it look like a varnish that had turned brown over time. ) Or Antique with Old Village Brown or Black Antiquing Liquid. (This would provide a darker color in the cracks and crevices of the furniture. Another type of “aged” look.)

We can’t wait to get Goopy Paint into our customers’ hands! What would you like to do with Goopy Paint- we’d love to know!

3 Amazing Anniversary Gift Ideas

17 Jun

June is loaded with wedding anniversaries. So if you need a gift for your spouse, or someone close to you, here are three wonderful ideas.

1. Numbered envelopes full of memories. Follow this link to read about a daughter who collected memories for every year her father had been alive. I thought it might be meaningful if someone did this for every year they had been married.


2. Frame a photo from a favorite trip matted with a map of that location. 

I love this idea!  Have a photo printed, purchase a map and a frame and that’s it!



















3. Hand Made Family Tree. Created with the names of individuals in your family. You could do this yourself, or order one.

What are your favorite anniversary gift ideas?



Maryland, the Declaration of Independence, and Old Village Paint

10 Jun

The Charles Caroll House in Annapolis Maryland is over 300 years old. It was the home of several important figures in American history. Charles Carroll, born in 1660, immigrated to America from Ireland seeking religious freedom for his Catholic faith. He purchased land in the newly named capital of Maryland and established a home there. (Pictured below).  Charles became the first attorney general of Maryland. His grandson, born in the same Annapolis family home, was the only Catholic signer of the Declaration of Independence.

This beautiful home and gardens is open for tours on the weekends.


The home is currently under restoration and we are very proud to announce that they are using Old Village Paints!

You can learn more about the house by visiting, it might be just the history jaunt you need this summer!


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